Self Love Intention Jar

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Herbs, crystals, and reiki healing energy combined with intention to make a intention jar that serves as a reminder that you are worthy. You are enough. You deserve the love you give so freely to others. It is not selfish to pour love and nourishment into yourself. 


All jars cleansed and herbs/crystals are added with the intention of enhancing the energy of self love within the person that purchases.  


If there are any specific intentions that you’d like to add to the jar as it is being made please leave that in the note section as well. 

We only work with the energy and intention to be of service to everyone’s highest good.


All herbs and crystals are ethically sourced. 


Thank you for trusting our energy! 

Listing is for *1* intention jar


** Jars are made to order so please give us grace and expect item to be mailed within 7-10 business days from purchase date. If it takes longer than that we will let you know through email.