Juniper Herb Bundle

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3-4' bundle of Juniper. This bundle is perfect for smoke cleansing and blessing your space. 

Listing is for one 3-4' Juniper bundle. .


Juniper Magic: 

  • Protection/Purification
  • Can be used to enhance good energy in your space
  • Can enhance the energy in prosperity/manifesting work
  • Can enhance the energy of creativity
  • Can be used before meditation/divination to enhance inner clarity/wisdom


How to use: Set your intentions and keep intentions at the forefront of your mind. Light the bundle and allow the smoke to permeate and cleanse your space. Once you are done cleansing you can snuff out fire and store in a pouch for later use.


All herbs are ethically and mindfully sourced with love, intention, and respect to the Earth. 


**Bundles when lit do produce quite a bit of smoke and are very fragrant. Keep this in mind if you are sensitive to smoke/fragrances.**


**Please make sure fire is out completely before storing and/or leaving bundle unattended**

Keep out of reach of flammable material, children, and animals. 


All statements above about herb bundle benefits are based on personal experience and research and are not meant to override healthcare professionals. If you have health concerns/needs please consult with a healthcare professional. 


The items we sell or recommend offer no guarantee of results simply because everyone's experience is different.