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Fire (Hematoid) Quartz Crystal Bracelets

Fire (Hematoid) Quartz Crystal Bracelets

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Fire (Hematoid) Quartz Crystals can be used to connect to the energy of:

  • grounding/calmness 
  • helping you stand in your personal power/remembering your self worth
  • focus/concentration
  • courage 
  • creativity
  • protection
  • deeper spiritual insights

Fire Hematoid Quartz is a mixture of Clear Quartz and Hematite. This combination is good to reach for when you want to amplify your intentions and increase your magnetism while remaining rooted in your center. 


Bracelet sizing specifics: 8mm bead size, 7.5" for wrist sizing. Bracelet does stretch.


Listing is for *one* bracelet.


**Natural Gemstones vary in color/shape. Crystals may not look exactly as pictured because of this variation.**

 ** To preserve quality of bracelets do not submerge in water or any other liquid. Be sure to remove before hand washing**


**All crystals offered are mindfully sourced** 


All statements above about crystal benefits are based on personal experience and research and are not meant to override healthcare professionals. If you have health concerns/needs please consult with a healthcare professional. 


**Everyone experiences the energy of crystals and other spiritual tools differently. We offer these tools because of the energy we have experienced using them. We strongly encourage the use of your own intuition and discernment when it comes to what works and what doesn't.

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