Are your crystals Ethically Sourced?

At first we did claim that all crystals were ethically sourced but after an issue with a supplier in the past we recognized it wouldn't be genuine to continue saying every single crystal we sell has been ethically sourced because sometimes suppliers can decide to not tell the complete truth about things just to make the sale.

The founder sources crystals intuitively and works with suppliers as well as the crystals personally to ensure that all crystals offered are offered with mindfulness, intention, and honesty at the forefront of every purchase.

We tend to work with smaller family owned and operated suppliers, suppliers that we have built personal relationships with, and suppliers that are just as excited and interested in gems as we are.

If we find that any supplier has been dishonest we always remove the crystal offering from our site until we can find a new supplier that aligns with our business values.

We are aware that crystals have gained massive popularity over the years, but we want to be certain that our customers know that we are not just selling crystals to make money. The founder has a genuine connection to Earth's sacred tools and she created the shop to share that connection with others.

I bought a crystal but I don't connect with it in the ways listed on your site

That is perfectly okay. Sometimes we don't connect to crystals in the same way. Any description listed on the site is just meant to be a starting point. You may find that it doesn't resonate with you. Lean into how you do connect with them. If you don't at all that's okay too they are still beautiful to look at and have around. Often times when we feel like we can't connect to a crystal's energy we set the intention that it show us what it is here to teach us, or what energy is it here to reveal to us that we may have forgotten we have access to.

There's no right or wrong. Trust your process. Let it lead the way.

Do you do custom orders?

Most of the time yes. If there is something that you want but do not see on the site send us an email and we can work with you to make it happen. If we can't make it happen we will let you know that too.

Do you offer wholesale options?

That is currently in the works. Email us to find out more information.